Through careful observation and intimate looking, my work interprets through painting the emotions and characteristics of specific moments and people around me. In the paintings, the compositions and subject matter remain simple and maintain a nearly singular focus.

A disembodied head, a doorway with no knob, a spotlit figure in a dark room.

The paintings’ compositions and subject matter call to mind visuals witnessed before sleep, a narrative just out of reach of the viewer. A film still clipped from a non-existent movie, a cover of an anonymous novel. Certain elements are repeated or even removed; the focus of the work is an accurate representation of a moment’s emotional or dramatic impact; not an accurate representation of a scene.

Thematically, the paintings are emphasized through exaggerated use of light and color, focusing on intense moments of light piercing an object or a figure.

In exploring these visual themes, I am able to craft a body of work which relates and converses with itself- hinting at, but never directly unveiling a narrative.